Warning Message about time zone difference between your computer and the regional settings of Sha...

Several Users have come across a warning message in their web database that says: "Your Local Machine Time Zone does not match your current Sharepoint Regional Settings. Operations involving dates will not work correctly."

Users are getting this message even after correctly specifying and changing the timezone in their Sharepoint Settings. This is a common problem across the net, but we've found a workaround that will eliminate this problem.

Step 1: Open your Web Database in your Browser

Step 2: Click the Arrow Under the Login ID (upper right corner)

Step 3: Choose My Settings

Step 4: Click the My Regional Settings Link

Step 5: Uncheck the 'Always Follow Web Settings' check and specify your time zone.

Step 6: Click OK

This should eliminate the warning message.

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    Robson Ortopedista

    I did it and doesn´t work !!! I am sure that I did correctly !

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