Why am I getting an "Exceeding Storage Limit" Error Message?

This issue usually only crops up for customers with a free trial or a Developer account and 25MB of Space

There is no way to tell how large a Database will get when it is converted and published to SharePoint. If there are a lot of queries and forms, databases can balloon to twice their size. So even if your Database is 10MB, it may surpass the 25MB limit of your site. We've discussed this on our blog: http://blog.accesshosting.com/important-tip-queries-and-the-size-of-your-access-2010-web-database.html http://blog.accesshosting.com/how-much-sharepoint-storage-will-my-access-application-use-when-published.html Upgrading to a Standard plan will increase your storage to 1GB and will resolve this problem.

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